Reviews for "Pleasure Island 3"


You sure do have an interesting cast. Cool to see hernando joining the pleasure island fun


"I wish I could've lost my virginity to someone with some class, not that whore."
I think fernando says that in the classic animation about acid and weed droubts.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

close! that was his brother hernando in "my penis is evil", lamenting "i wish i could have lost my virginity to someone with class, instead of that god damn crackwhore!"

That was kind of awesome.

I'd take the Squidhunting Manwhore's load any day.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i'm not sure you know what you're saying!


It's an hilarious short. Can't get enough of the doctor's awesome creation of pure evil!

On a side note, will Fernando always speak in Rhymes? It makes him look much more badass (Or a manwhore... depending on which subject it is).

Who does all the voices for the characters? I highly doubt there's only one person involved... They're all doing a fantastic job. Keep up the funny shorts!


Where is part 4? Will there be a part 4?