Reviews for "Pleasure Island 3"



Sexual-Lobster responds:



It was good in all but i really didn't like make-out part

Brilliant as always

I remember Fernando, that crack head.
Great stuff, can't wait to see what happens next.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

someone who remembers Fernando yay!


i know that this is supposed to be all wacky and random and stuff but maybe you should make them have an epic battle.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

oh yeh its building up to that

300 Walruses!

The animation and voice work is as impressive as ever. I do kind of feel this was not one of the best entries, as I was kind of turned off (no pun intended) by the guys making out. It helps that I am a huge fan of zaniness and that is what this entire thing is. The funniest part was probably when the scientist was explaining how the monster was created. I was expecting a "Shoop Da Whoop" joke when he was firing his laser. It is interesting to have a three part story in this ridiculous series.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i have no idea what shoop da whoop is, i just think lasers are cool.