Reviews for "Pleasure Island 3"

may there be to squid to slay my spear will taste blood today

Amazing! Keep these characters, they are perfection! Waiting for Pleasure Island 4 so much, I'm sure many of us would like to see Fernandos fightning skills, he's epic.

"Though there be no squids to slay, my spear will taste blood today"

cinematic genius

absolutely love it, everything.

Can't wait for Pleasure Island 4

Seriously, if this there isn't a fourth one, I'm disappointed.

I mean you really have some interesting ideas with this series. Not only that you manage to balance great action with hilarious comedy. Something I wish many people could do. Not only that, you show a badass side to Fernando to which I am a huge fan of thanks to someone at college who also loves your stuff. If this is the last one, thanks for keeping me entertained with such witty writing and lovely animation to boot.

Props, man.