Reviews for "Pleasure Island 3"

KILL GOOSEMAN! KILL GOOSEMAN! LOL Every episode of this series just keeps getting better and more funny! Fernando is awesome! Love the walrusman with the laser mouthblast

Odd, random, and 135.992% hilarious. This is Sexual-Lobster at his finest. (Trivia: Also the first time we see Chris use the online name of "Sexual-Lobster" in the credits.)

Top class humor as expected from sexual-lobster. Dont know what anyones complaining about!

great animation but the whole shemale thing tounge kissing is just too weird, and well none of it really makes sense. Oh and great music though rather epic. Still I'd rather watch mario dbz except that guy no longer does those hasn't for years almost now.

Awesome! but for some reason there was no sound so i had to view it on youtube