Reviews for "CLAB - Eye-Cue vs Fats"

giving it to eye-cue...simply because it actually sounds like he CAN rap in comparison to FATS

Had some decent direct shots to pin point the target, but some of the reference in the later half weren't set up effectively imo.
Flipped and took shots pretty good. Lyricism was showcased here, but his flow didn't quite deliver the content as well as he could've. I thought these could've been executed for effectively.
Bounced right back in it with some solid flows. I wasn't a fan of some of the rebuttals; the emphasis on epic fail/Peter Griffon; spelling/unique; snapback. Throughout both verses, the energy and punch were consistent and primed.
The delivery really picked up in this verse. The diversity of flow was entertaining but the first double time bars were a bit sloppy. This verse had an easy but sophisticated lyrical feel; sounded more natural than the first.

EyeCue brought some direct "easy" tactics while Fats complicated it up with fancy lyrics. Each had some concrete hits but I thought that Fats had better creativity with the defensive angles. Great battle all in all, both battlers had awesome performances but Fats edged it with intricate lyrics and flippage.

Eye-Cues 2nd verse has it for me. Fats had a killer flip with the big foot line tho lol.

fats for the win good battle but fats 2nd verse sold it for me eye-cue was still sick tho

lol @ using spreadsheets

Eye-Cue's jabs were more original. Fats V1 rebuttals were aight but c'mon, Peter Griffin reference? Then EyeQ flips the script (grammar nazi, can't spell unique without IQ.. that slammed) and Fats can't recover in his last verse "I'm better than this cock.." Choke..

Eye-Cue, easily..