Reviews for "CLAB - Eye-Cue vs Fats"

Instrumental = awesome

Gotta give this Eye Cue, better style and flow and good bars

Punches: 7-3 Fats
Flips: 6-4 Fats
Flow: 8-2 Eye-Cue

After a while, it seemed like Eye-Cue was just re-hashing EVERYTHING that Fats' previous opponents have said about him, and honestly, it gets kinda dry pretty quick. On the other hand, Eye-Cue had Fats in terms of a very consistent flow, meanwhile, Fats couldn't seem to land on a consistent movement scheme in terms of his flow. All in all, gotta give this one to Fats, even though Eye-Cue had some viciously quick rhymes in his first verse.

Eye-cue came crazy on this shit! he gets my vote

fats, just barely. it was so close, love both mc's though

You guys really need to stop picking beats where the instruments are so overwhelming for battles. The beat is nice, but the sheer volume of the lead makes it difficult to focus on what you guys are saying. Props to flow into epic, used your review to follow along after the fifth listen.

You both did your thing here, and you can both rap well. You both know that, so I'm not going to pull punches here. You both had better second rounds then firsts, and I think Eye-Cue had the better second, so I'll give him the win here. I completely disagree with Mickey, I thought the flips won the battle for Eye-Cue. Both of you keep up though and good luck to whoever moves on.