Reviews for "CLAB - Eye-Cue vs Fats"

Ok, I've had this on repeat for a while now. I have to say, all weighed up I'd give this to Fats quite confidently. I know, I know, Brit clique and all that yeah, but I honestly thought Eye Cue'd body him. AAAND Eye Cue wasn't disappointing, the Family Guy/ American Dad etc run was especially doep but I wouldn't say he had a bad line. Fat middle aged genius, can't spell unique without IQ, Toucan Sam, snorted up a cockring all lulzy lines with super on point flow.

I don't know though, Fats came hard too, less heavy punches but he stayed 100% personal and (I think this decided my vote) he switched up flows and delivery to a crazy degree and... I don't know, he just styled on this. I'm giving this to Fats quite confidently, but Eye Cue took the first round for sure.

Eye Cue: Awesome punching style, but I think it could have been a game changer if you had stronger closers.

Fats: Voices, flow and style made the difference here but personals were strong too. The only thing that stuck out to me was the lack of multis: even just one or two can make a big difference.

Fats FTW. Eye Cue for the righteous second place. Awesome battle, both gon get yourself some Clabtrap shirts.

First time using Math Hoffas barcode.

B - Bars that hit
A - Authencity of that last bar [is it a flip, is in original? You never it...]
R - Reality [how real was that? Most of this shit in clab ISN'T real so lots of zeroes]
C - Creativity [not all bars are real; ie. im sharp off with his head I'm sharp should I say it again-soo (guinsoo) - word play from Hollo vs Tsu] - i dont hand this out
O - ON THE SPOT [freestyle/rebuttals] (ie. Tsu: "he has army on his chest which makes it easier to take the AR accross his chest") - harder to tell with clab but again not handing it out
D - Delivery
E - Execution [Not every rapper punches every bar, 2 bars or 4 bars - Lux for example does 16 lines of setup before his punches]

Here to have this grow as a sport. This is a scoring system.
Giving this a dry run. More info here:
http://www.vladtv.com/video/170632/ma th-hoffa-reveals-barcode-scoring-for-

There is no crowd here so I am just going for the lines that stand out to me as ouch,nthe lines that gave me a jazz face and the lines that stimulate my nervous system you know - goosebumps!

Here are the rounds as I have them.

EYECUE: Round of 16 - Round 1 of 2
B - 1 1
A - 0 1
R - 0 0
C - 0 0
O - 0 0
D - 1 1
E - 0 0
2 3

5 for R1

Fats Round of 16 - Round 1 of 2
B - 1
A - 0
R - 0
C - 0
O - 1
D - 0
E - 0


2 for R1

EYECUE: Round of 16 - Round 2 of 2
B - 1 1 1
A - 0 0 0
R - 0 0 0
C - 0 0 0
O - 1 1 1
D - 0 0 0
E - 0 0 0
2 4 2

8 for R2

Fats Round of 16 - Round 2 of 2
B - 1 1 1
A - 0 1 0
R - 1 1 0
C - 0 1 0
O - 1 0 0
D - 0 0 0
E - 0 0 0

3 3 1

7 for R2

Totals: Eyecue 13
Fats 9

I have eyecue winning this with a lot more 'on the spot' stuff where he is flipping rebuttals into cross refrences from his first round 1. Fats almost wins round 2 with a lot of variation from his first round.

And lol @ the the rappers still in the competition voting YOU CAN'T VOTE CUNTS
Also lol @ you voting for fats because your all scared of Eyecue eh?

Eyecue takes this.

Eye Cue's lines part 1:

sloth got parachutes for ears/catch your air when he walks - +
bring one to life/jolly green giant - +
mutt half breed/drag queen - +
toucan sam/grey van - ++
down syndrome on some oxy/snorting up a cock ring - +
gone commercial/shittin on his fur coat - +
fuck yosemite sam/keep on blastin/five on ya casket - +
closed (rook?)/toe tag reads shook - +

Fat Beats's lines part 1:

with my big foot/ain't shook/miss the (bunches?) look - +
half a monkey's IQ/claiming to be edgy/that's a lie/like ya fuckin (genius?) is - +
same mental age as ya kids/win a battle rappin peter griffin - ++
fatter than my name/titties causin you (??)/doesn't automatically mean that you're not gay - +
retarded brain/this rap game - +
couldn't punch out of a paper bag/trying to rock a snapback - +
the same thing/shitty version of your pal (mick sanvil??) - 0
like he's on (winter?) repeat/bovine bull rush him to defeat - +

Eye Cue's lines part 2:

couldn't win the battle if i was a newborn fetus/ let alone now that i'm a fat middle aged genius - +
epic fail with that peter griffin line/name's stan american dad assassinate your family dry - +
better than that dude EQ/ghost write his battles too/grammar nazi tool/can't spell unique without IQ - ++
ya ass is massive and ugly/tour as a bearded lady you'd probably make good money - ++
rock that muthafuckin snapback/rockin a (??) back - 0
never been weak/bossy and teeth/heat when i speak/what they call technique/breathin remains beastly/something i do with easy - +++

Fat Beats's lines part 2:

a long time/but i start with dagger rhymes - +
hurtin me with your (?) vocals/less than hopeful - +
decimation is imminent/sorry for the use of big words you fuckin idiot - ++
bad news/like a cheese (poor?) dude - +
that's why you're jealous/ridiculous baggy sweaters - +
just so you can't record/jiggle your vocal chords - +
not as i do/jeff jr. doesn't make the same mistakes as eye cue - +++
win this or not/better than this cock - ++

Better flow: Fat Beats, +
Better wordplay: Eye Cue, +
Better delivery - Fat Beats, +
Better aggression - Fat Beats, +
Better closes - Eye Cue, +

Grand Total for Eye Cue: +20, one 0
Grand Total for Fat Beats: +23, one 0

WINNER: Fat Beats

You guys are really evenly matched, this was a close battle.

I have to give it up to Fats though - his flow and delivery were a little nicer throughout, he had some glimmers of greatness (near the end of his first verse), and his punches seemed a little tighter, particularly his last line.


Eye-Cue... Keep it up.