Reviews for "CLAB - Eye-Cue vs Fats"

Even though my vote doesn't count (because MC votes don't count), I have to say Eye-Cue won this. That Family Guy flip was awesome! Dude is on some next level shit. I hope to face him in the semi-finals, that's gonna be an epic battle.

Eye Que completely took this one

this was a damn close battle both had a good first sides from the beat making me have to strain my ears to hear i thought after hearing both there last vereses that easilly Eye-Cue had a better flow but i think Fats edged him out with his second he closed poorly but still closed the battle in his second


Eye wins this battle.

Hot beat.

Eye-Cue V1 - Animation diss is okay I guess, the appearance disses are excessive but charming.

Fats V1 - A little scatterbrained but there are a shitload of flips and punches.

Eye-Cue V2 - Immediate flip on the age diss, Family Guy, EQ, and name diss.

Fats V2 - Similar style to his first verse - tons of punches but again he jumps topics very spastically. The doubletime is also a little difficult to catch.

This is a really great battle. Both MCs stay focused throughout the entire battle and bring unique styles. Eye-Cue comes out on top in terms of style and flow but Fats comes with better lyrics. I relistened to the battle to say if either MC pulled ahead with multis or rhyme scheme and didn't notice anything particularly outlandish about either, so I'm going to have to go ahead and abstain from voting on this one.