Reviews for "CLAB - Eye-Cue vs Fats"

I vote for Fats. Not gonna explain cuz this is my third consecutive year of being a judge for Clabtrap.
Can ya dig dat Big Red?! Well, too bad if ya can't fgt.

lol @ using spreadsheets

Eye-Cue's jabs were more original. Fats V1 rebuttals were aight but c'mon, Peter Griffin reference? Then EyeQ flips the script (grammar nazi, can't spell unique without IQ.. that slammed) and Fats can't recover in his last verse "I'm better than this cock.." Choke..

Eye-Cue, easily..

I'm going to with Fats, both seemed pretty good but the vocals were way to quite for me to hear everything they said.

You guys really need to stop picking beats where the instruments are so overwhelming for battles. The beat is nice, but the sheer volume of the lead makes it difficult to focus on what you guys are saying. Props to flow into epic, used your review to follow along after the fifth listen.

You both did your thing here, and you can both rap well. You both know that, so I'm not going to pull punches here. You both had better second rounds then firsts, and I think Eye-Cue had the better second, so I'll give him the win here. I completely disagree with Mickey, I thought the flips won the battle for Eye-Cue. Both of you keep up though and good luck to whoever moves on.

Fuckin' sick battle, both got that pro flow, but I just can't resist Fats when he's riled-up. His personals always make me smile.