Reviews for "Xtrullor - Tria"

Nice track and happy birthday! Welcome to the adult world :D

Xtrullor responds:

You know, there's the obvious downside as of yet though:

People think you're still a kid.

I can kind of agree with them, though.

Best Song Ever! In GD With This Song Is FUNSION

3 years old. This song is just epic! :D
Btw happy birthday! ^^

Tria by Triaxis on GD for a 2.1 circles level, here we come!

THIS IS USED IN GEOMETRY DASH AND I MAY HAVE USED IT THE MOST! Boss fight Level: Nemesis, easy demon btw I did NOT create nemesis. if I did I've never verified it so... yeah I give it 5/5 (ROFL face with star eyes) btw nemesis, I like and this song is in my faves