Reviews for "Xtrullor - Tria"

Dat drop is so epic

Same as ‘ wearenumber26 ‘
Just like the bass drop the most
How u even do dis?

On your eighteenth birthday, there must have been some mystical dubstep energy poured into this song that made it as incredible as it is...

Xtrullor, even though this song is old, it is one of your best works. It deserves these stars that I write on this page today. Even though it may sound like I'm just writing random poetic things onto a cheesy comment... but this song is incredible.

I miss the days when you uploaded frequently... I was always waiting for more content... And here I sit, on my blue couch, on my 1-year anniversary of listening to this song for the first time...

And even though those days have passed, and you're barely active on NG anymore...

It's still TRIA-TASTIC to me.

is a best song what listen in my life

This is why i love complextro