Reviews for "Dem Parodeez - 1"

Very informative

I see that Sonic symbolizes BP and Robotnik symbolizes the oil spill. This flash goes very deep, and I thank you for making me thing.

P.S. I got a boner.

DahDoctow responds:

indeed, i am ever so glad that you noticed that!

Very funny

I liked this parody, the most funny thing is that you turned it into a stage for MUGEN :D I liked this animation tough, better then most half of the sonic sprite movies for sure.

DahDoctow responds:

haha thanks :D

ill make more game parodies like this soon!


The voice acting reminds me of Aphex Twin's accent

I can honestly say

This is funnier then any other Sonic parody I've sen here.
I'm quite erect to know what occurs next.

hahahah brilliant

really fnny, i really love the accent, i was gonna say something about the animation but when i read you finished in an hour i wus liek noo way.. nice work :D

DahDoctow responds:

haha yup, done in an hour :P