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Reviews for "Chronospheres"

it's kinda like...

this is very similar to simian's logic filler. there's a couple differences, but same idea. i do love that game and this one isn't bad either.

Great one

I like this game too ... but also think that its a bit hard to come to L33 O.O (i only did it to L6 or 7 ...)
Only one thing which was bothering me: too much advertisement ingame. I know you need to put sth. within ... but it left a touch of "PopUp advertisement" (first free than pay ... you know what i mean).


To me, I find it very hard, but I know I'm going to keep trying. This is a great game! The design of it all keeps me playing. If there was one thing I could find a problem with, younger gamers would probably get frustrated very easily. Oh well... it still is great!


A unique spin on a classic game. It is enjoyable for a limited time but can get boring pretty quickly. The graphics are quite nice and they suit the style of game this is. Overall, it's a pretty good game but not one that would keep bringing me back for more.