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Reviews for "Skany Whores"

I love it

Can't be enough! Hmm! Love the lighting and tones! Feel like it is come to life! Only I am dream of.

Well I can soundly say this night will be ....
( dont say lit dont say lit dont say lit )

Cute poses with your characters by the by <3 :3

I've seen your work here and there and skimmed through your gallery and I notice that a majority of the things you do are very similar. Same face, same body frame, same coloring and minimal improvement over the years. I'm not hating on your artistic preference but I feel like you should go beyond what you do now, try dynamic poses, coloring with something else other then low saturated colors. You already stick out with the style you have, should go out there and try new things :}

Wabaki88 responds:

Thank you very much for your feedback!