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Reviews for "Madness Diverse"

I knew I should have animaed at 30 fps

mine looked like crap >:0

XXBlinx responds:

Your parts looked pritty good I would say


ZUNDER YOU IMPROVED A LOT!!, this collab is amazing!! :D

XXBlinx responds:

Yeah, zunders parts rocked!


So awesome!

XXBlinx responds:

i am glad you enjoy this collab (your comment isn't biased at all :P)

heavenly viewing

whoa! Thsi was made me feel extatic :D This was bran new and original I can't belive some so great gets many stupid reviews saying "It wasn't Diverse2 but these people are so wrong! This was so different from all the other madness collabs, it had slick and never seen before characters, parts that were not just killing but entertainment and it had many hilarious parts like Sundown345's and ErnestoGod's.

My top 2 favourite parts were xcooldude30x's part and MissingUsernames secong part. I loved cooldude's part because it wasvery gory, the vcam was zoom in and very cool. And MissingUsername's part was very smooth and Diverse. I liked it how all the characters were different in missingusernames part and quite random but still made me chuckle :D

So I have to say that this collab is the best on the magical site Newgrounds. And that many people have said that they don't like this but they must have something seriously wrong with them. I don't know any one can rate thing under 7 stars quite honestly. I don't know if I would watch this again since I know when the jokes are coming and the twists but watching this has given me something amazing to think about for the next few days and this has definetly brighten up my day

Good Luck with Madness Diverse 2, you should definetly do and how cares is some sad old people don't like it like LittleLuckyLink, Dast and Tyrone

So Long :)

XXBlinx responds:

this is the kind of comment I like :D

Lol funny movie.