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Reviews for "Metal Gear Owen"

Like,what can i even say.WOW.How long did it take you to make this?How did you manage to make it so stylized?

CatFat responds:

I painted the majority of the poster in one evening after we came up with the idea on the way back from the pub. I did an extra couple hours touch up the next day after I decided to make it into a 'proper' poster, mostly consisting of rearranging and resizing the composition and adding the dark backing and movie poster text.
The stylisation is based on the original MGS artist Yoji Shinkawa's drawings of the characters. So I studied it as best I could!

-Jackie Chan.


wow! what an excellent story, what an excellent idea, and what a cool way to reshape this idea, into a cool MGS parody!
i loved your flash movie, i liked this idea (it was funny), and its needless to say, that i love this poster as well...

great linework, the portraits of the characters are great and very similar to the MGS artwork style... also, i love that you've drawn both the main hero with the night-vision goggles, AND the smaller, more detailed drawings of solid owen and liquid owen, because you've drawn them PERFECTLY, and they really look like owen wilson...
great details, great job on the face expression of the actor, and its a really funny thing to behold.
also, its cool as heck.

what can i say?
its a great drawing, with great poses, great linework and great face designs+face expressions of owen wilson.
also its a great idea, an idea that poked fun at some wild rumours about owen wilson starring in action movies in the 00's... hahaha.

perfect work. 10/10.
keep it up!

CatFat responds:

Thanks for the review!

So P O S I T I V E! :D