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Reviews for "Little Cannon"


Just wondering... if someone, let's say a friend of mine, had a crappy computer... could you add a quality button for m.. my friend?

Otherwise, great game, challenging. Whiners, don't worry, some people still make easy games where you can't loose.


It was fun but a little annoying for me tho. :P Good game!

secret medal

epic game and here is some medal help shoot the symbol of the arrows on lvl 3 and make all the balls into all 3 baskets to get the reward

-Fooha :D


Nice game, kept me entertained for quite a while there, great work!

It's pretty good!

I enjoyed it, except a few levels were (are) confusing. I'm figuring them out though, and it's a great puzzle! Nice job!

Oh, and fatloot, I don't know if anyone else has beaten your level, but I did. I even had to take the screenshot of it just because it was that hard! Thanks for the challenge. =D

And just a comment on the "BTW" portion--that is slightly offensive because it reminds me of a math teacher telling you that the extremely hard lesson you just learned is so easy that you should be able to take the test the next day.