Reviews for "Little Cannon"


Really nice game, really nice idea.

Loved the animation, the feeling. A bit empty though.

10th review.


Just wondering... if someone, let's say a friend of mine, had a crappy computer... could you add a quality button for m.. my friend?

Otherwise, great game, challenging. Whiners, don't worry, some people still make easy games where you can't loose.


It was fun but a little annoying for me tho. :P Good game!

secret medal

epic game and here is some medal help shoot the symbol of the arrows on lvl 3 and make all the balls into all 3 baskets to get the reward

-Fooha :D

Physics win.

This was a lot harder than I though it would be. I've lost count as to how many times I have hit the Restart button. It's pretty addicting. Great music as well.

I like the idea of allowing others to create their own levels and playing them. I may get around to creating my own at some point as well.

Good game!