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Reviews for "Little Cannon"

Very cool!

This is one of the most cool games with physics I've ever played!!!


but fun game :D btw play 20837 :] thats my game :D

T´was a good game.

Not bad, not great... it was simply good. But i will give it a ten since the creator
´´Knugen´´ is swedish like me. Kul att se någon som är svensk här på newgrounds.

Very fun.

I like the konami code. I was #159.
I found the difficulty of the latter stages quite fun.


Teh game is awesome, i enjoyed it a lot. I didn't get the gold medalist and the brute force one. But as soon as i got the silver medalist one it appeared a message saying:

Congratulations, you've finished all the levels with at least a silver ranking! Now try to get gold on them or play some custon levels instead!
As a reward for finishing the game you get these cheat codes. (type them in on the main menu):

=>up, up, down, down, left, right, left right, B, A<= THAT'S THE SECRET MEDAL!!!
(The Konami code)

(unlocks all levels)

(changes background music)

(play a (really) old version of this game)

I know i helped ,lol!