Reviews for "Little Cannon"

Why the demand?

It was a pretty good game till it started lagging on a few levels. Why the demand on my computer for such a simple game. I couldn't pass level 17 because of the lag, if I coulda beat it I woulda gave you a better rating.

Good but

level 12 is impossible, u need 2 balls to do it but u only get one

knugen responds:

But.. if level 12 is impossible, how come people can complain about level 17, 18, 19 etc being impossible? :OO:O:O:O:O

I get it

Its a physics game, cool, i completly get it, too bad the physics make no sense, the ball bounces even more on white panels than blue panels for me, sometimes coming to a halt on a blue panel, and the damn cannon is so twitchy, if im off by one pizel when aiming the ball goes nowhere where i wanted it to. Fix it and youll have a god game

Elementary laws of physics do not apply to this game... or were terribly implemented.
If a ball hits the ground diagonally and then, without hitting anything else, starts to bounce vertically for no particular reason...

its ok...nothing really awesome or amazing

nothing new added to the genre at all. I got bored after level 12 with little difficulty in passing the levels. makes me want to take a nap...maybe add some scenery instead of just single color background...something more original than picking up stars and making the ball in the plain white bucket. just very bland and not very creative...got smoke some pot to expand your mind and then come back and improve