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Reviews for "Little Cannon"

room for improvement

you should make the change by themselves. i hate having to go to the level select page

knugen responds:

Click "next level"?

Not bad... but not too great.

Quite a few good challenging levels, but most are impossible or too frustating to do. It would be nice if we had an arc projection of where the ball would go.

Also, level 17 is impossible.

Frustrated the fuck out of me

Good game knugen :) I found some of the levels were OVER hard and some got me swearing hard :P But yeah it was pretty good, good use of the NG file share thing.

It's too random. It's nearly impossible to set an exact path to the ball.

Good game, but...

This is a pretty good game, but there seems to be a bug... Especially apparent on the second level. You shoot the ball at a aprox 45 degree angle at full force and the second or third bounce it starts going straight up and down for no apparent reason. Very un-natural... Otherwise would have gotten a better score from me.

knugen responds:

It's because of the rotation (angular velocity) of the ball, very much natural