Reviews for "Little Cannon"

secret medal

epic game and here is some medal help shoot the symbol of the arrows on lvl 3 and make all the balls into all 3 baskets to get the reward

-Fooha :D


The art is great, the music is cool and the gameplay is addicting. My only complaint is that if you restart a certain amount of times the game goes choppy for some reason.


Harsh levels, yet highly enjoyable.

Fun at first

I should know by now that all games here follow a certain formula after awhile. I have to give you credit for having two easy medals that actually are worth quite a bit. I simply can not get past the level that has the three blue beams with the goal in the left corner. Nonetheless, I admired this for having good graphics and nice sound. It certainly is fun collecting all of those stars as well as trying to set up a strategy. It is also great to use this thing where so many people are allowed to express their own creativity.

Very simple and fun.

Liked the concept of the game, easy puzzle game with one goal. The diffculty of the levels were surprisingly pretty hard and challenging, but the controls were smooth and simple to use so it helped make those precise shots needed in some levels :) The only problem I noticed was a constant lag that a lot of levels had which was annoying :/ Besides that, the game great :) Overall: 8/10