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Reviews for "Little Cannon"

THis game was very enjoyable

I was having a blast from start to finish.The game play was great the graphics were simple but yet fun.Although the custom levels after you rated on one it just said thank you and sat there and you had to click level select and custom levels where it should of taken you back to custom levels immediately.And it should have more of a custom menu instead of it getting picked random.I did love this game and the medals are hard but very reasonable.I will have a fun adventure on trying to get all the medals in this.

too bad

all i see is crying. judging by levels with liking are the easy ones. grow a pair and practice. i've already gotten through all these and the normal levels. use your brains and mix your approach up. figure out the 'key' and use it.

nice game, its got medals, its addictive, and we get to make our own levels? that's pretty rare on here. excellent work!
5/5 10/10

I enjoy these types of games, but...

There is just a bit too much luck involved in this game. You can shoot hundreds of times a level just to get it into some of the more difficult baskets. This is due to (in my opinion) the inability to exactly choose the strength of the shot. If you allow the play to choose, rather than a automatic up/down of the strength it would greatly enhance gameplay. Other cannon games allow this type of player strength adjustment by using how far the pointer is away from the cannon to adjust strength.

Other than that it is a well done game that I really liked playing!

knugen responds:

Couldn't agree more. What caused me to go with this system rather than the one you mentioned is that it doesn't always work well if the cannon is close to the edge of the screen, but perhaps it would've been worth that sacrifice.

Addicting - 8

This game is really addicting, fun but is a little hard.

Hard but fun

10/10 really challanging