Reviews for "Little Cannon"


Harsh levels, yet highly enjoyable.

Very cool!

This is one of the most cool games with physics I've ever played!!!

Not perfect, but good.

It's a good game, with good physics, sharp graphics, and nice challenging challenges. What more does a game need.

Well... Maybe some sort of strength meter for firing the cannon for more precision and accuracy would be nice. As is, it takes awhile to get used to the controls and the feel for it. At times, it seems you need a lot of luck for some of the challenges, and not just skill to beat them.

Also, while the physics are good, there are spots where the physics become a little wonky. It can be very annoying on certain levels. On level 6 I found it to be very annoying when trying to get all the stars. The ball/s would strangely lose forward momentum, and hang in one spot, going up and down, never-ending, between the 2 blue bars. Very aggravating when that happened, and I would have to restart the level over again - often.

Anyways, good game. Medals worked perfectly in it to, which is really nice considering how many games have problems with them.

Frustrated the fuck out of me

Good game knugen :) I found some of the levels were OVER hard and some got me swearing hard :P But yeah it was pretty good, good use of the NG file share thing.


It's a really addicting solid game. The physics are pretty solid and everything just works. User generated levels were a great idea.


And for medal nuts. To get Critic and Addicted just make a new tab click a user generated level on the levels section next to medals and pick a level on that tab. See the ID For the level and put that id in your other tab in the main menu from level select. As if you just click the levels above everything resets and for these medals you have to do it in one shot.

Another easy medal is playing level 2 and getting every star with one shot its surprisingly really easy just be patient as it will most likely take a couple of tries.

FInish all tutorial levels.

Fire 250 balls.

And create level.