Reviews for "Cucal Power"


0 Point ?
The secret medal is
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Just shoot the Main Icon in Menu Option...

MarkAnime responds:

Oh you discover the secret medal !
well but NG didnt aprove medals for this game :(

I actually like it

it was pretty cool a typicaall shooting game but dont worry I enjoyed playing it

kinda cool

but is not perfect


Take criticism as an open minded person even if your not. I Think you could do way better it's really about commitment this game was entertaining but there wasn't much if not any love for any variation or replayability. It lacked a lot. It's not terrible or bad but only decent. And decent isn't good, so make it good MarkAnime


not bad.

was fun for a while kept me entertained an thats all i can hope for.

could have been better though, mabey bettergraphics and mabey some upgrades or something like that.

as for bugs the only one i noticed is that ocasionally the gods fist wouldnt work, and of course the ones you had too shoot.