Reviews for "Stick Ragdoll"


You know, i've seen a lot of these games, but this BY FAR has to be one of the best.I mean, you can change his color, awesome song, amazing backround.I dont really care that there's nothing to throw him on like spikes or whatever, that would make it better, but this is fine.Keep it up, dude!

AnthonyGTA5 responds:

Thank you


Considering that there are like 500 of these around the Internet, that shows your originality and also considering that there are 250 tutorials about how to make these and I can't be sure whether you actually made this. I gave you a 3/10. 3 for music and background.

... Odd

Well, since there were no "other controls" listed, I went through every key and found you could change his color (1-9 keys). It's possible I missed something else, but it isn't very interesting. Yes, you can smack him into the walls. But the background seems random, as does the music. If there was more to it then just smacking him into walls, it would be better. And maybe make the background interactive?

Aside from its simplicity, it is well done, what is there. You can grab onto his head hands and legs with ease and send him flying around. But it's only entertaining for about 30 seconds or so.

Made me chuckle :3

when I first played it I just thought "Ugh there have been so many ragdoll games like this" but then I thought, "OMG THROUGH THE FIRE AND FLAMES!" So i tossed the guy around a bit while rockin' out and remembered the good ol' Guitar Hero III days. However, I am required to give constructive criticism . . . so next time uhh . . .


2/5 4/10... Because honestly this isn't anything new or interest. Hear me out. The ragdol torture but has been done and overdone. This really doesn't add anything new to what is there. But as I was screwing around with this I actually came up with some constructive ideas.

1. Kill the music and the background.. Neither is really bad, but neither fits.

2. Kill the mouse control. You will see where I am going with this in a second.

3. Make it a game. Not a gadget, but an actual game. With a goal. Enemies. Maybe stuff to collect.

See. As I was using the arrow keys to bash this dude back and forth on there I realized it would actually be fun to have an imortal (or very hard to kill) protagonist, who was kind of like a retarded super hero you just bashed through levels with. Part of the fun of it would be beating on the hero, and the ludicris attacks on enemies. I mean if you actually worked out the dynamics of the game it could be awesome. Just saying. Anyhow, giving you a passable score for this. Hope to see some better stuff from you.