Reviews for "Stick Ragdoll"

pretty fun

i like the pause ability and colors. nice.

AnthonyGTA5 responds:

thank you :D


This...Is....The....Most boring thing i've ever played.Even watching at the paint dryin' on the walls is more exciting then throwing a stickmen around,no interactivity at all nor action.Just the song keept me away from being sleepy.
Here are a few tips for you.Im not a pro so take it easy.
1.Try to add something so we can interactive with the stickmen,like some tasks.
2.Don't make it repetetive since it will get REALLY boring soon.
3.Maybe add some enemies to slam the ragdoll in.
4.More songs.
5.Good luck.

AnthonyGTA5 responds:

Sorry if did not like but soon when I get experience in flash will improve

gets boring.....quickly

if you did actually make this (looking at review beneath, you could do with adding something like a pain meter and if you get it above a certain amount you unlock stuff. like (off the top of my head) replacing the stick man with tom sellick.... dressed all amish like

I'm sorry, but no.

I have seen this exact same game, with the exact same song, and exact same mechanics, so I doubt that you really made this, since their are thousands of these on the internet and newgrounds. If you you want to make a ragdoll game, try something like ragdoll invaders, or ragdoll avalanche.

What's so cool about that?

I mean, man, if I wanted to play ragdoll with Dragonforce music I would launch winamp and ragdoll with muted sounds.
You just waisted your time.