Reviews for "Press Start: Chores 2"

Awesome, another one!

Great new ep. That, and a nice lead up into the second movie. You're definately on track for an awesome sequel. What could possibly go wrong? ;)

And yes, I do think Johnson IS getting his true punishment.


This show is so well written that it's a wonder how it isn't on Adult Swim by now. I loved the follow up to Chores, it came out really well and all the jokes were smooth and not forced. You really have a thing going here, my only problem is the animation seems a bit lazy. You haven't improved for like 2 years which is pretty sad to say, but nonetheless, you have perfected everything else. That's why I'm giving you 10, although it might not encourage you to try harder, what is here is awesome and I would gladly see more even with the same animation.

Cool idea bro :D

At the end where the guy is fragmenting/error-messaging/screaming just made me laugh out load like a small child. More deaths like that! More!

...it's like a boomerang...

Is the dark tome written in...wingdings? xD

you had to ask.