Reviews for "Press Start: Chores 2"

Muito legal

Dude, very cool, mainly that part of using the cross as a symbol and that part of canonize Portuguese, lol. In other words, some times we should think about God 's word and play video games. Isso é tudo!

Cell call

Is classic, I'm sure everyone here has had to deal with that. "AV1!!!!!!"

haha awesome, i can't wait for number 3

this storyline is getting really cool, it's not the best in the world but then again there has only been 2 episodes. add some more random characters, it adds alot to the series.

Good but...

...You could animate the movie better. The body is straight and the head is turned. The movements arent that good. My suggestion is to put some more effort in the animation. As i said, it is really good but it dosnt really deserve the front page.

I dont want to give u a 5, or a 6, because those are stupid votes. Ill give u a 7. Thats because the backgrounds are really cool and the characters are well drawn. The only thing u need to improve are the movements. Then ull have a perfect movie. I have spoken.


First press start I've seen, and to be honest not too impressive.

The animation was my main concern with this. It was very rigid and lacked any real sort of movement. The main problem was probably keeping the body upright, and only moving certain body parts at a time.
The character design also left something to be desired. While I did like the designs, the edges seemed very straight and somewhat disproportionate.

The writing was pretty good though. Some funny jokes in there that kept me detracted from the areas of the animation that I disliked.
Voice acting was pretty good. Clear audio and the voices matched the characters, both in tone and pace.
Finally the background worked very well. Worked well with what was one screen. I also liked the choice of music, which really fit the scene well, and didn't drown out the audio.

In the end, a funny video which suffered at the hands of poor animation.