Reviews for "Press Start: Chores 2"

Fucking funny!

I am nothing against the majesty of this series that rountinely makes me laugh my ass off. Ja!

Good as always

I can see why the animation has stayed the same, it's a trademark of the press start series only thing I have to say about it is that maybe they should be more polished out, otherwise the jokes were good it was a bit short but it was made in a short period after the first part so I can see why it may be a bit short and rushed so thanks again DarkMazeStudios and I hope to see more :D.

Funny!!! The hairs must cut him.

wait a minute, when did Vile get the 2nd and 3rd keys, also what was the 3rd key. One guy said the keyhole looked like Zippy, was he/she/it it.

Keep up the good work.

I love press start

holy cow

i think i got it... it looks like...