Reviews for "elacsy"

To hard

It's way to hard.
And why are there planes coming from the wrong end of the screen?

Terrible waste of time.

This games has some potential, but shows no real goal, story, idea, reason, or even any reward. Try something else, because this was a failure.

Re-playability? Next to none.

On the bright side, if you were aiming for an old-school shooter, you accomplished that without fail.
Otherwise, it's bland, the music killed my brain cells as I played, and in games like this, you need upgrades, and more than one chance to get a decent score.
I suppose it was your intention to make it hard, and there's nothing wrong with that, but you have to balance the difficulty rating with other elements like...oh I dunno... color? And just...."better" gameplay overall.

Help, when i getting hit by bullet in any difficulty, the game is frozen.


normally I don't rate games but this was just awful. srry man it has a good base but either i suck at it or there is way to much at once. health would be perfect so i can do the classic grit-turn to prevent myself from being trapped and only take like 1 hit.