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Reviews for "luigi vs wario rpg"


I beat Wario with 3 life mushrooms left, but as posted below my peeps say that u need more RpG action + story- great game though

so close!!!

He was at 5 health :(
Any, great game. It could be a bit more "accomplished" if you give luigi a way to gain mp. that, and wario's health should be more like 1000.
But, over all, i can't complain! :D


At first, I had to search for the 'Attack' button. You could make it bigger and You make just symbols instead of text.


it was pretty good i enjoyed playing it i found out that spamming the hammer attack was best strategy and yeah the only downside i see to this game is that i wish that you put some story as to why they are fighting other than that i liked it a lot

Yay, I won! It's pretty fun. It'd be more fun if there were more battles. I like use of the Mario & Luigi series sprite. c: