Reviews for "the Apple Situation 2"

Hahahahaha xD

Would you care for a "Devil Egg" :B
Its freakin funny xD


I'm eagerly surprised and shocked to say that I like this. I never watched the first Apple Situation, but I don't seem to have suffered for not watching it, since I'm all brought up to speed, which is good in my opinion. :)

For some reason unbeknowst to me, I thoguht this was funny, probably the expressions of satan and it's randomness. xD

Only gripes were the voice acting at very specific parts, and the detail. Not that there's anything wrong with a lack of detail, as long as the acting and the dialouge are up to par. It's just better to look at submissions with moar detail. At least the animation was pretty good in my opinion.

Good luck on the sequel!! :D

SirReginald responds:

I hate my voice as well, don't think you're alone.
I was afraid this would be confusing to those who haven't seen the original, I'm glad to hear it wasn't!
Thanks for the review!


I don't know why, but I like it.

SirReginald responds:

Well, as long as you like it.