Reviews for "Blue Sky"

i love this song

i have always looked for the auther of this song to congratulate them on one of the best ng music submission for ages so congratz

I love this music

Is very very good!


Your songs are just AMAZING!!!!! I am SO using these in my games when I program them! I LOVE this song! I wish I could download to my I-pod. That would be just nice! Good job!

@ Avaitora

You are just saying stuff that is old, its supposed to loop!

Further, ParagonX9, i thank you for making all these songs, if someone in Newgrounds is better then you, i eat my hat,

So from me, and probably anyone else: THANK YOU PARAGONX9!

Riddle School

Don't get me wrong, it's a great series, but still, that's what we think of most. It says "Heard in 53 entries!" and yet all we think of are the 6 Riddle Games.