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Reviews for "The Door - Luke's Island"

Awesome work man, great job love the chillness and progression

TaintedLogic responds:

Wow! Thank you! :D Wasn't expecting this. I appreciate it, man! ;)


I love the pluck intro. The reverb and delay ping pong is a nice touch :) Real smooth intro to the main themes after that, and even though the melody repeats often, I'm getting a really nice vibe throughout. Doesn't get boring at all - big plus! Great song to just chill out to. :D Thanks for the great listen! Cheers!

TaintedLogic responds:

Thank you very much, Khrossfire! :D The delay "ping-pong" and the reverb on the melody instrument is actually all thanks to Autogun, but I did actually do more experimenting with the mixer on this one than I had ever done on a completed track before. Thanks again! ;D

Very chill. :)

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks, Gamakaze! ;D

I enjoy the track as a whole, but I must say my favorite part starts at 1; 36, it's really emotional there, I can feel the ambient created and a very big space where to see the sparkles the melody creates, I really like it! Great job!!

TaintedLogic responds:

Thank you so much, Bluebooblue! :D I like 1:36, too. It really helped me shape the rest of the piece and offered a bit of a relief from the refrain at :55, which was a little busy in my opinion. However, that entire section as I see it starts at 1:23. That melody is actually just the melody at 1:50 all chopped up and separated out! :) Thanks again for the review! ^^

It's not bad...

I think my biggest problems were the melodies and the transitions. Melodies first. Like, the first 15 seconds is a melody that seems like it doesn't really go anywhere for me. It's hard to explain exactly how to write a good melody - it's one of those things you sort of learn subconsciously. But the initial one has all these jumps all over the place, and that usually doesn't work (unless you're doing arpeggios I guess...), you usually have stepwise movement (like C-D-E) with a few occasional jumps.

The other thing that you can think about is transitions between the different sections. Like, right now it's pretty hard to tell that all the different sections (that you mentioned in your reply to BlueOceans) exist, and that could be because there isn't much that differentiate the sections. It's as easy as changing the instruments, or adding in a crash when the new stuff comes in, but it is very important because otherwise your song feels directionless.

Other than that I liked it. I thought it had a nice chill aesthetic to it, and it was pretty enjoyable to play in the background while I did stuff. Keep it up!

TaintedLogic responds:

Thank you very much, Johnfn! :D I never think about these kinds of things when I make my tracks! Usually how I marked the main transitions in this track is with bass slides (e.x. 2:02) or with a fade-in with the instrument I used for the chords (e.x. 2:44). As for the melodies, I usually just base them entirely off of the chords, which is pathetically lazy, I know. In fact, for months I only had the first 26 seconds of this song in its final state, and so the melodies for pretty much the rest of the song are largely based on those melodies, especially the one at 1:23. I definitely understand your criticisms, and I agree that the directionless nature of the song is its main weakness. Thank you for all the advice you've given me over the past few months! I really appreciate it! :D