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Reviews for "Stunt Master"

this game is easy to play but some levels are hard

the levels 17 and 3 are a little hard to beat but the rest are easy


but lack's something..I don't know what it is


I like the concept, but i feel it has been used a lot. This idea has been used in games such as Exit Path. I like how you changed it up though. The game itself could use a little more fine-tuning. Also, I like the bone-breaking concept.
Overall, a very good game.

Pretty fun

The concept is original, and the broken bones thing remind me of Skate, the game.

It was actually fun, but some level are way too hard (lvl 12..) and maybe you could add more violence (like blood when you crush windows..).

Not good, but has potential.

It has all of the problems that Mosfisk has already stated, and the controls are a bit hard. You could add more features, i.e. actual tricks, more control of the bike in the air, etc.