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Reviews for "[KK] Super Mario Hentai"

good but

good but aat the end WTF!?

Joey-Kazaam responds:

I don't know what happened either XD


It was surprisingly good, I usually don't like these kind of things

Most unexpected

I like how you made it action then made that ending out of nowhere, it's short but ok

Joey-Kazaam responds:

haha yeah.
thanks for the review


I was just about to give this a 1 for being yet another stick fight video until the end. I'll admit, I was suprised and it made me laugh.

Joey-Kazaam responds:

I'm glad you liked it

Hahaha! I loved it!

To be honest, if you made a longer fight with better graphics or whatever, I wouldn't have liked it as much.

This is great simply because of the ending.

Animation was okay, sound effects were okay. Graphics could be better (you know this) and I think the "come get some" fingers were a little weird, plus the freeze frame just before the multiple enemies fight was an unnecessary break in the action. It should have just flowed.

Anyway, this has gone straight into my favourites. Thanks for the laugh! :D

Joey-Kazaam responds:

Thanks man, I appreciate it :D