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Reviews for "Vuvu Hero"

This has been the most creative thing i've ever se

I would love to see more games just like this, it would be nice to be able to use a different key besides space, (my spacebars not so good) and if you decide to do more a multiple note system would be fun, whats next "theremin hero"



This is fucking funny in a very annoying way! xD

Seriously guys...ALL the people that have been reviewing with low scores doesn't get the REAL point of this game...

The vuvusela became one of the MOST annoying things during the Football World Cup! So, what better way to make a tribute about such annoying instrument with a "Guitar Hero" parody?

First of all, there's not that much different notes blowing a Vuvusela, so giving just one sound to the game was pretty accurate. Now, willing to make the vuvusela even MORE annoying, why not add some songs and blast notes with no sense or rhythm at all? There! You got the REAL point of this game:


C'mon guys, all the people that reviewed this with low scores REALLY need to get some sense of humor...or leave their basement.

Anyways, excellent job RubberNinja/ChannelCat/Egoraptor! It was a nice and funny game to play. It gets old quickly, yes...but at least, I got the point of this and got a couple of good laughs out of this! Excellent job, indeed!

You, sir...

Owe me one new keyboard!

Loved playing this. It's stupidly addictive, hooray!

I think, I may even prefer this to Guitar Hero ;)

(The bee's knees)

A work of art.