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Reviews for "Beyond Escape"

Great game, but one fully upgraded reaching 75k is impossible due to the bounce factor being incapable of reaching platforms after about 71k.


There is one major flaw tho that i think was better in hedgehog launch.

When you have the booster at three you insta win the game by bashing the mouse button at launch. it's way too strong and easy to get by spamming launches and only investing in boost which will get you a lot for each launch.


I like it, plays fluent and the music is really well choosen.

There is a thumbnail as far as I can see. But you removed the shield in this version, I think you should change that in the description ;)

agitatedferret responds:

Thanks you're right. I also replaced the description about the shield.

it works for losing time

this kind of games i dont realy like but yours is one well done

Good game

Very good game altho you need to put more platforms in the levels, on the early levels before you can afford 'platforms give extra bounce' its very very difficult to get from 1 side of the screen to the other with enough bounce.
Overall nice game tho, good work