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Reviews for "STREEMERZ"


I collected all the money bags and loved every minute of it. Kudos to replicating the style of the older games we all remember.


Superb. A little difficult, but otherwise great. It's a wonderful throwback to the beginning of gaming.

Exellent retro game!

i really like it i cant say anythink bad exept is a little easy

MrPodunkian responds:

you're kidding right?

Uh, guys...

THIS ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE BIONIC COMMANDO! Seriously, hasn't anyone here heard of Action 52? This game is based on one of the many horrible games in that collection.

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, awesome game!

The best "unfair platformer" on NG. Everything is good, and it's not impossible. Beating it with 0 deaths is the real challenge, but far from impossible - Just remember how to pass every room and keep at it.