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Reviews for "Ufo Swarm Survival"

Good start, now improve it

The game is nice, it plays well, the graphics are fine, the music isn't bland, but it's all average. I've seen tons of space shooters before. What makes yours any different? Nothing, that's what it's too bland, power ups aren't distinct enough, no level design, bosses, unique ships. It's too simple. Try to make it "wow" folks.


I found an awesome glitch. Go down to the bottom of the right hand corner and you will never get hit XD

I just left it there for ages and got 90, 000 ROFLZ


Things get a little nutty around 20k

decently made game, could use a little more though i think. I would consider adding some actual purpose to the game rather than just try not to die.

I'll vote a 3 on this for entry level