Reviews for "Ufo Swarm Survival"

Needs a bit of work

When i first started, i thought that it would shape up to be pretty fun.
But as i progressed through the game (if you can call it that), it started to get boring.

First off, there are way to many side scrolling survival games in the world now, and not many of them are very unique. You should try to make things a little different next time.
Mabye instead of powerups simply increasing the rate of fire on your weapon, it could make different things fire from it, or how many things fire at once. The fire rate powerups made the game insanely easier as the game went on, even though more ships started to flood in. All you had to do was hold down left click and it would just send a straight continueous chain of bullets that blew up anything it touched. Im not saying you should have an upgrade menu where you bought stuff, but something a little different

And mabye you should include bosses and different enemies that took more than one shot to destroy.

Even though it was alright, but it wasnt unique enough to make it stand out from the crowd

its bad

no its not worth the play it could have bin way batter


Alright, I know a 5 is pretty low, but let me explain a few things...

First, I would like to say that you are off to a great start. Music is fine, and the animation runs pretty smoothly. But, here are some things you could change.

1. I like the side scrolling idea, but I don't like the fact that it's endless. I would like to see different levels, maybe some bosses.
2. Enemies - At first I thought it was fine, one hit kill, no problem, it'll get tougher. But it didn't. It got easier. In fact, after you get the last power up, it's PAINFULLY easy. Make progressively tougher enemies, and again, maybe some bosses.
3. Power ups - Power ups are always great! But not when it's the same power up over and over. Try out different ones! Or, you could even try out an upgrade menu, which in my opinion, would make the game 10 x better.

Anyway, this is your game with my thoughts. Keep it up though, you've definitely got some talent in you! :)


good sound, average animations but a little bit pointless


their are to many games like this in the world that it is getting old.