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Reviews for "Tanks and Towers"

Great game... just a few problems...

Its a great game, but the mission where the title will say: "The enemy has access to much more resources than you" or something like that (I think its mission 5 or 6) is completely impossible. I've tried MANY different methods of surviving the first enemy wave, but considering you have access to 1500 funds and they have something like 6000 and a massive income speed, you have no chance of winning. My only suggestion is to bring up the funds you have access to in the beginning to 3000, which should allow the player enough funds to get up a tower - laser - rocket tank combination defense capable of stopping the enemy first wave. Other than that, solid game. :3


Great Game. Really fun :D

Flash C&C

I loved C&C original not the EA bullshit. Westwood studios Comand and Conquer thanks for the flashback

Reminds me of my favorite RTS

This made me think of Command and Conquer, and although simplistic had alot of the same features like the 'Unit Lost' and Repair feature. A solid 8/10. Some improvements would be better unit AI for both allied and enemy tanks, more units, infantry, and special weapons and abilities to deploy.

not bad its interesting

it would be nice to be able to set up groups for units, even if its only 2 or something, but other than that nice game