Reviews for "stick figs random"

Better than the first one

Still you can go short on the blood and fire and just leave corpses,but not bad.
P.S. one bug when the movie replays the music doubles and it gets annoying.

Askandar responds:

ok ill try to fix it

your luck you got this.

your shuld try to make it non stick next time


Animation Quality:
Terrible. Possibly the worst animation I have ever seen, when someone is not doing it on purpose.

Audio Quality:
The music is sto- oh wait, it's against the rules to say things are stolen in a review. The various sound effects were okay, could be much better.

Non existent.

Non existent.

You told me to be fair, and to do that I must judge your work to the same standard as everyone else's. If you aren't great with flash yet, then don't submit until you have are experienced enough to make something worth watching.