Reviews for "Epic War 4"

huge bug

can't even step on it. Well after a while, I just started replaying missions but 1 of the times I tried it brought up that "mission completed" screen from the previous battle. (you know, GOLD and SCORE). It even had the ad but I could still see and use most of the controls. I couldn't see the fight but it still allowed me to use the spells and command my troops pretty much blindly. I was able to win pretty easily because I could still see the map but It was a bit frustrating after it happened the next five times. Other than that it was a good game, Got a bit laggy at a few points but it was never too bad. Addictive but upsetting I even was just able to get the tank but I wasn't even able to see it. Nice work on the game but that problem really shouldn't be ignored.

very good game

but the first one is till my favorite simple but effective, but i only want to know how to unlock the green line

artlogicgames responds:

upgrade one hero lvl3 :)


days of fun. cant wait to unlock everything!

Great game

Was quite fun to play through all three modes and figure out the particular annoyances of the 'Challenge' stages on Hard and Epic.
My only real gripe is that you have only so much control over your units, Particularly during the Goblin Challenge, nothing like almost getting to the enemy castle then suddenly your units want to go backwards to kill goblins! . . . and subsequently be killed by the Goblins attacking from the castle.

Ive had to at least spend 100 hours...

total on all of your games. I couldve learned something in that time, but I'd rather experience this over and over. :O
Excellent job!