Reviews for "Epic War 4"

I've played the first 4 games out of the series and accidently got my uncle to play it. Out of the first 4, it's up to you between 3 and 4, I also recommend Epic War Saga, it's similar to this game but with PvP.

Great game!

Right click and change quality.

it is like

I think the epic war series is one of the best game series on newgrounds. There is a million reasons why. I would do a formal review but the only thing I can possibly think to say bad about this game is that it should have the ability to lower quality. I have an awesome computer and once I get to the last few levels on epic it gets pretty laggy. Every time the massive hordes spawn (and this is even on hard) it takes me so long to get through them because it massively slows the game down. Other than that this game is awesome.