Reviews for "Epic War 4"

Definitely my favorite Epic War game, however the fifth is a close second. If you could save it would beat this one.

I have to say I love all the Epic War saga, however my favorite is two =) but I do really like them all tons! Great job thanks for the awesome work and awesome fun! =)

I love this game! :o

This game is looooonnnngggggg.
Im torn between aspects of this game. The money required to level everything up is enormous requiring lots of playing, on harder levels This makes the actual gameplay seem repetitive and mundane, luckily I could set up a team to use in battles while I play something else. Battling this way let my breeze to the final level which I bet, reloaded my screen toi see my Epichero medal not appear which was gutting.
While I enjoyed the graphics, the battles, and overall gameplay. The leveling up system was good maybe a little basic with no real improvements to the units except health and power, but good enough for the good. I dislike the manual save feature and the length to play this game.
I hated not getting my medal.
But I still love it even though I forgot to save when I finished this game, I'm still going to go back and finish everything on epic again just for my own personal glory

HARD!!! Very hard....