Reviews for "Epic War 4"

could use a lot of improvements such as better commands and better programming so the AI ACTUALLY follows commands and for me every now and then this game would open up webpages with malware on them forcing me to shut down my browser anyone else had that problem and i do have anti virus software installed

Tons of issues with this game

its very well balanced as far as damage goes but has problem areas

The game is terribly laggy even with most settings off i feel like my computer was about to catch flame.

units do not follow commands most of the time. Units will often times ignore commands long enough to die. A command should be instant, when i tell a unit to retreat five times i mean RETREAT, not stay and fight for a few more minutes and die.

If it was less laggy, offered a low quality option, and units obeyed comands, i would really like this game alot.

I sunk about 3 hours into this game and just got frustrated with the lag and poor unit response and decided to call it quits when i was only about 20% completed with the game.

this is the most horrible grinding simulator that i have ever seen, but still is my favorite throught the years, getting the guild, and then the dragon is all that everyone needs for winning almost all, that and the 100% critical upagrade

It is well made, but of course could be better. some stages are very annoying to deal with. takes so long.

First of 2016!

awsome game