Reviews for "Sift Heads World : Act 4"

please make sift heads till world act100.....AWWESOME games

all games of sift heads i played so played it you must enjoy for playing my favorite game

hey shorty is hot and if you want to find a porn easter egg which is also an objective which is called boogy night go to the old school in russia and go inside of it and then go into any classroom and go to the door and the left side and then click on the tv trust me it will work

Had to load the game like 5 times to get it to work right damn plane would not shoot, and half way thru your fuckin games, sometimes it will just freeze..forcing me to start over that shit is gay.

this game sometime collapse you know?!
When I Go In Some Where I will Stuck On The Game That Just Shit!
and Again The Plane Won`t Shoot!!!!
So Fix This Stupid Game!