Reviews for "TANKMEN: Battle!"

For those of you wondering

The Stat Page is accessed by clicking your character's head. Good solid game.


i canĀ“t pass the swordsmen and the gunslingermen


Where's the freakin' skill menu?

potential i see..... but

to tell you the truth im a little bit disappointed...

the upgrade menu is pretty hidden.(i found it later in the game)

some fractions don't look as unique as the others.(the jedimen: you could have given them a bobba fett helmet instead you recycled the henchmen head)

you get the same amount of XP for killing the first enemy gang as you do for the final gang (which is in my opinion a RPG cardinal sin)

you can't see the stats of the weapons you unlocked so you just equip the latest weapons and hope they do more damage and after attacking
/defending you just rise up your barrier and rocket spam the enemy to hell.

another thing that bothers me is when you defeated a gang the title card tells you which medals you have unlocked. i don't like this because it stands already in the description and it makes more fun to find this out by yourself.
the space you could have saved would be used to give some epic cheesy finishing one liners like goldmen "hawrr taste the golden bullet-shower, biatch"
but this is just me.....being stupid....and so on.

well what i liked
-some of the artwork (epic gun is epic)
-the concept is interesting and i definitely can see that you could do a sequel.
- beside "glorious morning" (which is a good loop but does not really fit in this game) the songs you chose and sounds are very well done.
- easy medals. ^^

well.....as they say: what does not kill/break you makes you stronger" and i hope you don't send this idea to hell. just make a sequel. soon.

Good game

The whole game is pretty good except its too short. I completed the whole game within 20 minutes. I also found a very easy way to beat the later teams. Overall the game is really awesome but the down side is the shortness of the game and lack of replayability.