Reviews for "TANKMEN: Battle!"


YAY!!! This game is so epic and awesome!!
I i'm now at the top of this year!
Loved the gameplay, the story, the medals names(XD), the guns. The game is so cool!
Tenkmen: Battle 2 is better, but I loved this one. Good job!

P.S. A little tip to you guys. Use these in order: Attack, Barrier and keep using the rocket. If the enemy don't die with the rocket use the Submachine Gun :P

Made it to the top of this years leader board in one go ^_^.

Epic game. found a few bugs like attacking twice with the rocket in 1 turn and making my invisible as long as i dont use the rocket. plus when going up against a team my 3 hit melee att can continue to hit the next person. helpfull glitches though.

Oh yea imma be back to make sure i stay on top this for this year :P

On the Leader-board when you look at the *This year* data, I am in 2nd Place.

Didnt get my medals